Hope in a Changing Climate


Evening presentation by John D. Liu, award-winning documentary filmmaker

A barren, brown landscape, denuded and degraded, has been brought back to life; a people entrenched in back-breaking poverty now work, farm, herd, and live in a functioning, green ecosystem where rainfall infiltrates and water is retained and crops are readied for export. All this is taking place in a part of the Loess Plateau, the highland area in north central China. An area the size of Belgium now teems with life and supports the sustainable economic, social, and agricultural activities of its people.

The Environmental Education Media Project (EEMP) documented this work made possible by the Chinese government, the people, and the technical and financial support of the World Bank. Founded by John D. Liu, the EEMP is an organization dedicated to placing ecosystem restoration at the center of global discussions on climate change, poverty, and sustainable agriculture. Liu and his colleagues around the world have been identifying best practices and documenting effective methods for large-scale restoration of damaged or destroyed ecosystems.

What have been the ecological impacts of ancient civilizations? Is ecological degradation inevitable or simply the result of ignorance and poor behavior? How can we ensure that biodiversity and functional ecosystems survive for future generations? What are the criteria for sustainability? Liu will present and discuss video images from his research and documentation in China, Mongolia, Russia, Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia.

An environmental filmmaker who has produced and directed documentaries for CBS, National Geographic, and the BBC, Liu has lived in China for more than 30 years and was responsible for opening the CBS News Bureau in Beijing.

John D. Liu is brought to Hong Kong by Consulate General United States of America

Co-presented with Civic Exchange

Event Details

Wed 20 Apr 2011
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Helena May, Blue Room, 35 Garden Road, Central

HK$180 Asia Society members/Full-time students; HK$230 non-members. (For registration, please contact hk@asiasociety.org)
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