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A Story of Light: Hon Chi-fun Education Program | 光的故事: 韓志勳 教育項目


Hon Chi-fun (1922-2019) was a self-taught artist. He was one of the most momentous Hong Kong artist. Silkscreen printing, spray paint, polaroid photos; Hon continuously explored radical artistic experiments and new medium of art throughout his life. A Story of Light: Hon Chi-fun exhibits a selection of works emphasizes the radical nature of Hon’s practice.

In the honor of this extraordinary artist and his love in art, you are invited to join us on a FUN Art Day, where you can enjoy the arts and craft activities that are inspired by Hon Chi-fun, including his experimental work with Polaroid, the fascination with light, and his infatuation with the shape of circle.

On this day, you and your kids can enjoy these art activities: Kaleidoscope craft, Polaroid art work, cellophane sun catcher, 1OO Circles Challenge, and drawing activity from the gallery!

Every visitors who complete all the activities will receive a gift bag.

韓志勳(1922-2019)是一位自學成才的藝術家,是香港最重要的藝術家之一。韓志勳一生不斷探索新的藝術實驗和媒介:絲網印刷,噴畫,寶麗來照片。「光的故事」展出了韓志勳一系列作品,重新闡述韓氏藝術手法的演變 。



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Sun 19 May 2019
1:30 - 4 p.m.

Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty│亞洲協會香港中心,香港金鐘正義道九號

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