Fly Plastic Surgery


'Imminent Domain' Designers Workshop Series

Workshop with designer Yeung Chin and pattern maker Michael Lee

Fashion designer Yeung Chin is determined to turn conventional thinking on what is aesthetically pleasing on its head! In this “Fly Plastic Surgery” workshop, participants will use fabrics and quilting to perform plastic surgeries on fly cushions. By manipulating shapes of the cushions, participants are encouraged to apply their new concept of beauty to objects that we may not usually consider attractive. The same philosophy can be applied to the design of clothing, accessories, furniture, and ... to participants' own future lifestyles.

Yeung Chin is best known for his creative flair in the reconfiguration of body shape through clothing design. Instead of simply mixing and matching, he creates his own aesthetic by experimenting with extreme materials, such as pairing raw wood with soft fabrics. His innovative ideas have enabled him to play a key role in designing the main sportswear line for the China team in the Olympic Games in Beijing. Yeung graduated with a MA in Fashion Design from the University of Westminster in 2009 and his work was presented at the London Cheers Exhibition in 2009.

Michael Lee has 25 years of experience in pattern making; with LiNing (2006-2012), he helped produce the China Team performance costumes from 2008-2012. He has also produced costumes for Hong Kong pop stars including Denise Ho (HO C C) and Yumiko Cheng. Yeung Chin’s exhibits at Asia Society Hong Kong’s Imminent Domain exhibition were also produced by Lee, who established his own leather workshop at JCCAC in 2012.


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Sat 02 Mar 2013
2 - 4 p.m.
9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong
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