Cultural Translation: Speaking to You about Me


An Evening Dialogue between PEMA TSEDEN, Tibetan Filmmaker and writer, and EVANS CHAN, Hong Kong filmmaker and writer
Presentation at 7pm
Dialogue at 8pm
Close at 9pm

萬瑪才旦生於青海藏區, 居於北京;陳耀成在香港長大 ,居於紐約。二人均可說是布克獎得獎作家魯西迪所描述 的「翻譯人」。兩位藝術家又同時以文字及影像兩種不同媒介進行創作,面向國際觀眾及讀者, 深刻反思自身族群的歷史文化及當代社會精神面貌。是次對談, 兩人將分享各自在跨文化及跨媒體狀態下的創作經驗。

萬瑪才旦生於青海安多藏區,母語為藏語。2000 開始電影編導工作,是中國境內第一個以藏語拍攝完整長片的導演, 其影片作品包括《靜靜的嘛呢石》、《老狗》等曾獲布魯克林國際 電影節最佳影片、東京 FILMeX 國際電影節最佳影片等多個國際獎項。他以藏、中雙語進行短篇小說創作, 已出版多本藏文、中文小說集,作品翻譯成英、法、德、 日、捷克等語言。萬瑪才旦在創作電影和小說之前, 已經翻譯了多個藏文古典及現代文本,至今累積了不少 翻譯作品,是藏中文學翻譯一個重要推動者。

電影導演陳耀成,在香港成長,旅居紐約,以中、英 雙語發表創作及評論。陳耀成長期堅持獨立創作, 以故事及紀錄長片為媒介,探索香港及全球華人歷史的重要時刻及其歷史意義。他的電影包括《浮世戀曲》、《康有為二三事》在各大國際電影節放映,受到國際中國電影研究學者極高評價。



Pema Tseden, who lives between the Qinghai Tibetan region and Beijing, and Evans Chan, who lives between Hong Kong and New York, are both “translated men” in the sense Booker Prize winner Sir Salman Rushdie has described. The two writer-directors will engage in a dialogue on how the inter-lingual, intercultural and intermedial conditions they face have inspired their creative journeys.

Pema Tseden was born of Tibetan descent in the Amdo Tibetan region of Qinghai Province, and was educated in Qinghai and Beijing. As an auteur in the cinema he has won major international prizes with his films including The Silent Holy Stones and Old Dog. His short stories, some written in Tibetan and others in Chinese, have also captured international attention and been translated into English, French, German, Czech and Japanese. His is also a prolific literary translator of Tibetan literature into Chinese.

Hong Kong film maker Evans Chan lives between Hong Kong and New York, making films and writing about Hong Kong for an international audience and readership. For over three decades, Chan has made both independent fiction and documentary features to explore key moments of Hong Kong and global Chinese history. His films including To Liv(e) and Two or Three Things about Kang Youwei have been shown in major international film festivals and received critical acclaim.

*Conducted in Mandarin; Simultaneous interpretation available in English


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Fri 31 Oct 2014
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
9 Justice Drive Admiralty Hong Kong 香港金鐘正義道九號
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