ASHK Members’ Culinary Demonstration


More than just “Breakfast of the Gods” – How to use Sarawak Laksa paste for other dishes

Registration 6:30pm 
Start of demonstration 6:45pm
End 8:00pm

Every participants will be able to bring home one packet of Sarawak Laksa paste (300gm) and sample some laksa dishes.
Limited vacancy, first-come; first-served only.

In 2005, the late chef Anthony Bourdain tasted the Sarawak Laksa during his show – “No Reservations”. This is when the Sarawak Laksa became well known to the world and he termed it “Breakfast of the Gods” and also on his Top 10 Wish List for his food market in New York. Though it is made known worldwide, the availability of Sarawak Laksa is still very limited to the island of Borneo.

During this evening, our culinary demonstrator will show what you can do with the readily available Sarawak Laksa paste. Apart from using it to serve as laksa, you can also make use it for other dishes like fried rice or wantons. With more than 20 types of herbs and spices in the paste, this flavorful and aromatic ingredients can create many other dishes for your indulgence. Come down for the demonstration and also sample some of the demonstrator’s creations.

History of Laksa

The origin of Sarawak Laksa dates back to the early 1940s’. According to an article written by Edgar Ong in Flavours magazine, the local legend is that a Chinese Teochew immigrant from Guangzhou named Goh Lik Teck first began peddling his noodle dish along Kuching’s Carpenter Street in 1945. The dish was only made up of six (6) ingredients, which is how it got its name – the Hokkien term for six is "lak" and "sa" is slang for vermicelli.

Culinary demonstrator – Agnes Chin


Originate from Sarawak but have been calling Hong Kong her home, Agnes Chin, never forgets her roots. She heads back to Kuching, a town in Sarawak, regularly to keep in touch with her family and friends, of course getting her much needed Sarawak Laksa when she is there. A cooking enthusiast, who loves to prepare the most delicious food for her family members.

She is now on a mission to promote Sarawak to the community of Hong Kong. And her first step is to share with everyone her culinary skills which she picked up from Sarawak.


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Event Details

Tue 12 Feb 2019
6:30 - 8 p.m.

Asia Society Hong Kong Center 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty

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ASHK Members: HK$100; Guest of Members: HK$180
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