anothermountainman X Stanley Wong又一山人 X 黃炳培

Movers and Shakers

Stanley Wong started his career in graphic and advertising design. He has produced numerous great advertisements, such as the Bobby dog ​​from the MTR advertisement, the cat in the Town Gas TV commercial , Liu Xiang in the broadband advert with & "walking in front of myself", and the love porridge in Love HK campaign.

In 1993, apart from commercial design, Stanley hoped to promote the harmony between people. Therefore, with his respect to “Eight Great Mountain Man” (Bada Shanren), he gave himself another name, anothermountainman, to create a voice for himself.

In 2001, Stanley launched "redwhiteblue" series, from which he took the "redwhiteblue" tea and chat" to the 51st Venice Art Biennale. For the last twenty years, anothermountainman created a new identity of art exhibition curator. His exhibitions show the creativity of the "authentic" and unique culture of Hong Kong, which creates a subtle resonance between Hong Kong audiences and evokes the "Hong Kong people's spirit"

Advertisement, personal ideals, conceptual art: these are all the core elements that make up the artist Stanley Wong. How does he drift between his role of artist/non-artist, designer/non-designer? How does this atypical identity affect his creation? What advice will he give to the younger generation who are interested in the career of design and art?

This program allows students to understand Stanley Wong / anothermountainman’s philosophy behind his creation, his identity as a Hong Kong born designer, and his unique ideals and insights into the design markets.

黃炳培,Stanley Wong,出身於平面及廣告設計。他出品過很多叫好叫座的廣告,如地鐵廣告的Bobby狗,煤氣公司的貓,寬頻的劉翔「走在自己前面」,和築福香港的愛心粥。1992年,Stanley希望除商業創作外,以推廣人與人之和諧為目標,敬重畫家八大山人,為自己起「又一山人」的別號,嘗試在個人創作發聲。2001年推出「紅白藍」系列;2005年,他以「紅白藍︰飲杯茶.傾過飽」,代表香港參加第51屆威尼斯藝術雙年展。過去二十年,「又一山人」又多了一個身份藝術展覽策展人。他的展覽展現出「地道」的創作和香港獨有文化,使香港觀眾產生微妙的共鳴,暗暗喚起“香港人因子”。無論是廣告、個人理想、概念藝術,總之一切在Stanley身上都融合在一起。他是如何以藝術家/非藝術家,設計師/非設計師的多重身份游走?這種不能定性的身份如何影響他的創作?對創作和藝術有意發展的年輕一代,他又有何建議?是次活動讓大家了解黃炳培/「又一山人」的創作哲學, 作為香港土生土長設計師的身份,以及他對創作的理想和市場的見解。大家萬物錯過!

Stanley Wong

After five years as a graphic designer, anothermountainman (Stanley Wong) started his career in the advertising industry and worked as a Chief Executive and Creative Director for many international advertising companies for fifteen years. Later, with his passion and enthusiasm for creative designs, Wong became a director for television commercials and established 84000Communications in 2007 and branched out his artistic career. Wong is the recipient of more than 600 Asian and international awards for his art, design, photography and advertising works. Many of his art works have been exhibited overseas in international museums and are now part of their permanent collection. In May 2012, Wong was also awarded the Artist of the Year 2011 (Visual Arts) from Hong Kong Arts Development Awards and the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012 from Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Additionally, anothermountainman is also a very passionate photographer, focusing his work on social issues. For the past 10 years, Wong gained international awareness with his ‘redwhiteblue’ artwork collection, representing the ‘positive spirit of Hong Kong.’ He came to international attention with this series, which he presented at the 51stVenice Biennale in 2005 representing Hong Kong.

又一山人(黃炳培)之藝術、設計、攝影及廣告作品屢獲香港及國際獎項達六百多項。其藝術作品多次於香港、海外展出 及獲多間國際藝術館永久收藏。又一山人亦獲2011香港藝術發展獎之年度最佳藝術家獎(視覺藝術)大獎及香港藝術館頒發 之香港當代藝術獎2012。除設計及廣告創作外,他對攝影及藝術十分熱衷及積極,尤其專注社會狀況之題材。以“紅白藍”一系列作品積極推動“ 正面香港”精神;得到香港本地及國際關注。2005 年代表香港參加威尼斯藝術雙年展。

Movers & Shakers
Organized by the Asia Society Hong Kong Center and sponsored by the Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation, Movers & Shakers is a 12-month program aimed at developing global competence and leadership skills among Hong Kong students. The goal is to inspire and instill an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset amongst students, and to strengthen their future competitive edge in Hong Kong and beyond. 

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