Activating Your Nadis, Balancing Your Energy


Health and Wellness Series

Morning Class
Registration 9:45 am
Class 10:00am
Close 11:00am

Nadis are energy channels through which Prana — divine energy, life, and consciousness — streams. Within the human body, there is a subtle and perfect network of 72,000 Nadis that distribute this life force throughout the whole body. If all the Nadis are functioning correctly, then a person is generally considered healthy and will feel happy. The challenge is to harness this energy so it can fuel your physical, mental, and spiritual development. We are able to activate and harmonize the Nadis through breathing. This class will focus on activating Nadis through breathing techniques that can help balance one’s masculine and feminine energies.

Micha Chan became a certified Yoga Teacher in 2004. He holds a diploma in Advanced Yoga Studies and become a certified yoga therapist through Yog Vidya Gurukul, which is recognized by the government of Maharashtra province of India. Micha’s classes help to stretch, strengthen, relax and balance the body, mind and energy flow. As the Hong Kong representative of YogaPoint, he constantly organizes yoga workshops in India, Hong Kong and Thailand. He has conducted a few yoga teacher training courses and Indian yoga retreats for yoga lovers to experience Ashram Life. Micha has put his heart into service and into teaching yoga and hopes he can make everyone a happier and healthier.


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Sat 14 Oct 2017
9:45 AM - 11:00 AM
Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty
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