Youth education and engagement is core to the Asia Society Hong Kong Center. The new center has now enabled the Asia Society in Hong Kong to plan and present art exhibitions and related multidisciplinary programs, thereby making art more accessible to a much broader audience. The Asia Society Hong Kong Center strives to provide an enriching and engaging learning experience and maintain a creative learning environment that fosters art appreciation. To visit the Chantal Miller Gallery (formerly Asia Society Gallery), click here.

In Context

Asia Society’s educational mission is to ensure students have equal access to an excellent education, which today, must include being globally competent.

The Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning works with American and international school systems to spread best practices in preparing students for a global knowledge economy.

Through publications, conferences, workshops, newsletters, policy briefs, classroom resources, and services to schools and districts, the Partnership for Global Learning provides:

  • effective strategies for building global competence in elementary and secondary schools
  • successful approaches to creating foreign language programs in schools and districts
  • policy innovations and funding resources to advance international education
  • preparation for teachers to teach about the world
  • ways to harness technology and create new opportunities for international collaboration
  • analyses and lessons from high-performing school systems worldwide
  • an understanding of how international education promotes academic excellence and equity for all students

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