Global Career Pathing: Tactics to Becoming an Employer of Choice & a Next-Gen Global Leader


Global Talent Initiatives Live Webinar

Early-stage careers are about building technical and professional skills. But what happens mid-career and beyond? The focus shifts to cultivating an understanding of the global marketplace, and building insight around the business’ goals. The emphasis is on soft skills, such as making the right network of business connections and communicating effectively. During this web seminar, participants will hear from an award winning global company’s emerging practices that have established them as an employer of choice for advancing Asian talent into senior leadership positions. Speakers will share best practices around how to retain and advanced Asian talent by leveraging global career opportunities. They will demonstrate innovative programs for creating a talent pipeline stocked with next gen global leaders. Participants also will hear from a successful global executive who “has been there and done it.” Insights will include: • How to develop the cultural competencies needed to build relationships and manage workforces in Asia • How to land that next “stretch” assignment • How to leverage your current job and seek opportunities that let you build the right skills to manage teams globally and virtually • How to foster innovation and support problem solving—and be noticed for those contributions



David Reid
Executive Director, Global Talent Initiatives
Asia Society




Inhi Cho Suh
General Manager
IBM Collaboration Solutions




Matt Mui
Director, Innovation & Strategy



 Click here for an archived recording of this webinar. 

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Thu 09 Feb 2017
1 - 2 p.m.

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