2017 Agenda


Registration and Breakfast




Welcome and Spotlight:  2017 APA Corporate Survey & 2017 ERG Report

N. Bruce Pickering, Executive Director, ASNC


Morning Remarks

Candi Castleberry Singleton, Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion, Twitter


Keynote remarks: APA Women in Tech

Richard Lui, Anchor, MSNBC






Panel: APA Women in Tech

APA women face a double-paned glass ceiling as the least represented group as executives—they are 66% underrepresented. This panel will focus on solutions: how to close the gaps and build a sustainable workforce. What can the tech industry do to cultivate the careers of APA women?

Moderator:  Richard Lui, Anchor, MSNBC

Speakers:  Buck Gee, Executive Advisor, Ascend

           Tina Lee, Founder and CEO, MotherCoders

  Shirley Ma, Strategic Inclusion Manager, McKinsey &                   Company
Shiyan Koh, VP, Business Operations & Corporate           Development, ‎NerdWallet




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Workshop: Tools to Maximize Impact

Facilitated workshops featuring case study/ies, followed by Q&A and group discussion


SESSION A: Selling Diversity: How a Diverse Workforce Contributes to the Bottom Line [Room A]  

A more diverse workforce is a more productive and profitable workforce. It’s common sense, but is it business sense? An oft-cited McKinsey study found that out of 366 public companies, those in the top quartile of ethnic and racial diversity were 35% more likely to see higher-than-average returns.  D&I practitioners know that diversity can lead to insights into consumer needs, facilitate entry into new geographic and demographic markets, and that ERGs in particular can help translate a diverse workforce into increased business opportunities.  This workshop will discuss the value of diversity to businesses and explore how to socialize that knowledge to gain support for D&I initiatives.


Facilitator: Samantha Lee, VP, Senior International Manager, HSBC

Presenters: Bo Lee, Vice President, Senior Wealth                                        Manager, BNY Mellon



SESSION B: Build your Influence through Metrics & Analytics [Room B/C]

Collecting data and measuring diversity is a huge challenge for companies looking to show measurable progress. Discover innovative approaches for measuring diversity’s impact on business and innovation to show measurable progress. Explore how to measure business impact as it relates to innovation and product development and how to capture talent pipeline development figures for recruitment and development initiatives.


Facilitator: Farzana Nayani, National Director of ERG Relations,                             NAAAP






Executive Roundtable [New York Room]

Explore how your company can support APA employees and nurture difficult D&I conversations amidst the current political landscape and shifting immigration policy.

[Invitation only]




Networking Luncheon




Panel and Q&A: View From the Top: Executives as Allies

The success of D&I initiatives requires the support of a network of intersectional allies. Executive allies (and specifically executive sponsors for ERGs) are especially necessary to ensure that diversity efforts have a substantive and lasting impact. This panel will feature diverse executives who support APA talent initiatives and will highlight how to work with these allies to maximize ERG impact and further APA talent goals, in part through mentorship and sponsorship.

Moderator: Anna Mok, Partner, Deloitte

Speakers:  Ajay Anand, Senior Partner, EY

           Mimi Lee, Managing Counsel, Litigation Management,               Chevron Corp.

           Rene Kim, SVP, Charles Schwab


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Discussion Session: Internal and External Collaboration Between ERGs/BRGs

ERGs are a powerful tool for crossing functional internal divides, and cooperating with other ERGs can create important intersectional connections. In addition, external cooperation can strengthen cross-industry linkages and networks for the sharing of best practices. How can we identify areas of common interest to strengthen our leadership goals? How do can we best leverage the unique values and strengths of each diverse ERG/BRG group?

Moderator: Linda Akutagawa, President and CEO, LEAP

Speakers:  Jimmy Hua, Lead Software Engineer, Salesforce; Co-                          Founder, Asiapacforce, Salesforce

           Victoria Chin, Global Business Campaigns, Dropbox;                           Co-lead, Asians at Dropbox





3:45 – 5:00


Panel: Disrupting Diversity on the West Coast

How is the West Coast taking a lead on diversity and inclusion? And why is diversity and inclusion so important to the West Coast? West Coast companies such as Salesforce are taking a leadership role in advancing diverse workforces and new apps and platforms promise a smoother and more equal hiring process resulting in more diverse candidates. At the same time, diversity can have a huge impact on the technology sector and can be leveraged for innovation and market share. 

Moderator: Farzana Nayani, National Director of ERG Relations, NAAAP

Speakers :  Amanda Greenberg, CEO, Baloonr

            Melissa Abad, Researcher, Stanford University

            Tariq Meyers, Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Lyft

            Carmela Clendening, Director, State & Local                                          Government Affairs, Salesforce





Closing Remarks & Charting out Next Steps

N. Bruce Pickering, Executive Director, ASNC

Erby Foster, Director, Diversity & Inclusion, The Clorox Company (former) 





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Knowledge Partner




Buck Gee, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Anna Mok, Deloitte
Linda Akutagawa, LEAP
Darlene Chiu Bryant, China SF
Sydnie Kohara, Media Consultant
Elizabeth Hsieh, McKesson
Annabel Chang, Alaska Airlines
Les Wong, San Francisco State University
Lorna Randlett, Leaders Forum
Bo Lee, BNY Mellon
Wendy Soone-Broder, The Asia Foundation