2015 APA Survey Results

The Asian Pacific American Corporate Survey, now in its sixth year, is a national benchmarking study aimed to fill a critical knowledge gap relating to the growth, development and advancement of Asian American Pacific (APA) employees. The survey encompasses a range of Fortune 500 industry sectors. Its results help to identify which companies are perceived as best at successfully attracting, developing and retaining APA talent and to highlight best corporate practices. 


Key Findings from the 2015 Survey:


Fortune 500 companies are missing key business opportunities

Award-winning companies outperform other surveyed companies by 21% in terms of engaging APAs in Asian market business development.


APA employees really, really care about their company’s success

99% of all survey APA employees really care about the success of their company, but not all of those employeeswere invited into the success of their company’s bottom line. 


APA leaders have not been fully brought to the decision-making table

31% of award-winning companies and 57% of the other companies do not have APA representation on their company board.


Biggest drivers of employee engagement related to personal life and professional growth

The top three engagement drivers for APA employees are 1) work-life balance, 2) professional growth and 3) diversity & APA employee resource groups.


Sponsorship breaks the formal barrier and makes a job a professional reality for APA employees

There is a lack of sponsorship for APA employees as only 10% of employees aged 60 and above engage in sponsorship while all other age brackets range from 21-28% involvement.

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