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Asia Society convened a working group with the Statewide Afterschool Networks in Connecticut, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Ohio to create trainings and resources that will help programs implement global learning activities. These global learning “quick sheets” are one-page examples of developmentally appropriate unit plan outlines in typical afterschool content areas. Each activity in the unit builds upon the last, connects across the four domains of global competence, and leads to sample program outcomes.

Because standalone activities typically don’t develop competencies, the goal of the quick sheets is to support programs with creating intentional, integrated, connected, and sustained activities that lead to youth competency development and the program’s stated outcomes. While the quick sheets include enough detail so a youth workers could practically envision the implementation of the unit plan, they are not meant to be prescriptive; there is no one right way to implement global learning activities during afterschool. These quick sheets come with a Creative Commons license, so practitioners can freely use and adapt them for their specific purposes. Staff can use the activity planning template to write down their own global learning unit plan ideas or to further customize the ideas on the quick sheets.

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Read through our Guidance on Using Afterschool Quick Sheets for an overview of ways to use these resources and a sample approach to the literacy unit, or just click on one of the quick sheets below.

Quick Sheets Series

Global Learning and Activity Planning Template
Global Learning & Cooking
Global Learning & Literacy
Global Learning & Civics

Global Learning & STEM (Coming soon!)
Global Learning & Arts (Coming soon!)
Global Learning & Physical Education (Coming Soon!)

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