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A Model for Delivering Global Competency Curriculum in Under-Resourced Schools Through Community Partnerships

Kristina King-Cohen, Parent Leader, Selby Lane Spanish Immersion

Apps and Maps for Ethical Consumerism in a Global Market

Jason Harshman, Assistant Professor, University of Iowa

Belly Matters or No Palate Left Behind

Bruno Yomoah, Deering High School

Build a Globally Relevant and Culturally Responsive Classroom

Christen Clougherty, Ph.D., Executive Director, Nobis Project
Vanessa Ehler, Middle & Upper School Spanish Teacher, Brooklyn Friends School
Jane Rago, Ph.D., Director of Gender & Women's Studies, Assistant Professor, Languages, Literature, and Philosophy, Armstrong State University

Building Bridges: Creating a Transition Curriculum from India to Chicago

Sara Wade, Skokie School District 73.5

Climate Ed for NY!: Youth Climate Activists Making Change

Kevin Murungi, Director of Human Rights and Foreign Policy, Global Kids

Connecting Globally through Art and Technology

Paul Hurteau, Executive Director, OneWorld Classrooms

Creating the Global Graduate. What will it take?

John Clark, Science Teacher, Deltona High School

Engineering a Better World - Developing Cultural Empathy and Using Appropriate Technology

Ann Kaiser, CEO/ STEM Education Consultant, ProjectEngin LLC

Enhancing Language Curriculum through Total Physical Response and Total Physical Response Storytelling

Michael Gallagher, Heritage HS Leadership

Exploring Sustainable Global Innovation with Secondary Students

Betsy Teutsch, Author, 100 Under $100: One Hundred Tools for Empowering Global Women
Kate Hanssen, Social Studies Teacher, Germantown Friends School

Games-Based Learning in Global Education: Tools to Foster Empathy & Engagement

Stephanie Wujcik, Grade Dean, Coordinator of Service-Learning, & MS Social Studies Teacher, The Baldwin School

Globally Competent Students Need Strong Research Skills

Kate Burton, Teacher-Librarian, Fort Vancouver High School

Glocalizing Our Understanding of Peace, Conflict Handling and the Rule of Law

Christiaan Morssink, Peace, Justice and the Rule of Law, UNA-GP
Daniel Bu, Coordinator MUN, UPenn
Lana Ulrich, JD, UNA-GP

Human Trafficking Takes The Stage

Kathleen Harris, Deering High School

International Travel: Making Cross-Curricular Connections

Jennifer Cutler, History Teacher, The Baldwin School
Tina Yen, Chinese Program Coordinator, The Baldwin School

K-12 Students Travel the World Through Art Museum School Programs

Ah-Young Kim, Manager of School Visits, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Adam Rizzo, Museum Educator, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Lynda O'Leary, Coordinator of Distance Learning, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Language, Sound and Silence

Gallup-Diaz Anjali, Director, School Age Programs, Parent Infant Center

Mumbai-NYC Teacher Connection!

Rekha Puri, Founder, LINEglobal
Amy Liebov, LINEglobal

Oh, the Places You’ll Go: Teacher Travel and the Globally Competent Classroom

Jesse Weisz, Founder and Executive Director, Global Exploration for Educators Organizations (GEEO)
Windell Jenny, Alumni Coordinator, Transatlantic Outreach Program

Students Empowering Students

Brady Faust, Students Empowering Students, Oak Hills High School
Alan Cocklin, Teacher, Oak Hills High School

Students Take Action: Increasing Student Empowerment and Passion

Tessa Keyes, 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Delhi Middel School
Maggie Kays, 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Teaching Partners

Take Action For Global Competence

Sara Damon, Teacher, Stillwater Junior High School

Taking Education Virtual

Christopher Plutte, Executive Director, Global Nomads Group
Waidehi Gokhale, Director, Partnerships and Development, Soliya
Dina Guirguis, Director of Government Grant Programs, iEarn USA

Teaching Arab Culture: The link between Arabic Language teaching and Arab Studies

Francesca Carpenter, Education Technology Officer, QFI

The Role of Immersion In Proficiency-Based Education: Building Language Proficiency & Global Competence

Beth Jacobs, Director, Institutional Relations, Council on International Educational Exchange

Transforming Education Through Creative Practices

Anya Warburg, Program Director, Move This World

Using Augmented Reality in the Primary Classroom

Andrew McGovern, Grade 4 Teacher, Tokyo International School

Using Technology In Global Collaborations: 25 Ideas In 25 Minutes

Jennifer Hambrick, Global Education Coodinator & Spanish Teacher, Saint Stephen's Episcopal School

Using Twitter To Make Global Connections

Chris Lazarski, Social Studies/English Teacher, Wauwatosa West High School