Former Interns Sharing


To Pui Shan, Chantal
(July — September 2017)
Tsinghua University

The internship has granted me an in-depth and pragmatic insight towards the arts management career path thanks to my supervisor, and other arts-loving peers at ASHK. I’m grateful to have gained in-depth insight towards “education” and “art” could be as impacting as personal and public. This summer, with such immersive experience surely strengthens my ambition to devote into art stream. Interning at Asia Society is a good kick-start to launch your career in an artsy stream.


Liu Lap Tak, Marcus
 August 2017)
Events and Visitor Service
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

This is an extraordinary internship program that provided the best opportunity to explore my potential and possibility for my future career. My supervisors and colleagues encouraged me to build confidence and enhance presentation skills while interacting with customers, which serves as an important foundation for future employment. I am truly grateful for this memorable experience.

Sharon Fung
 August 2017)
Gallery and Exhibition

University College London

Exposure to the behind-the-scene operations of the gallery team allowed me to gain valuable curatorial experience. Opportunities such as participating in gallery meetings, hands-on involvement with the conservation of artworks and meeting with artists were only a few of the worthwhile experiences I gained from ASHK. The work environment is friendly and I was well taken care of.


Wan Tsz Wai, Vanessa
August 2017)
Human Resources
City University of Hong Kong 

This internship experience has definitely taught me to become more efficient and independent. With the support and guidance of my supervisor, I was able to not only improve administrative skills but also learned to handle clerical and data entry work in an efficient and timely manner. Meeting other fellow interns surely added a layer of joy to my time here at ASHK. I feel grateful and confident in facing more challenges ahead.

Cheung Chun Wing, Clement 
— August 2017)
External Affairs
Hong Kong Baptist University

Working at ASHK has been rewarding and gratifying as it has equipped me with better communication skills. My supervisor was very supportive and encouraged me to contribute ideas and plan ahead for future marketing strategies. I am grateful to have this opportunity to gain work experience here at ASHK!



Feng Jiachen

(June— August 2017)
Strategic Development
Columbia University 

I have loved working at ASHK, especially in the Strategic Development team, where I got to experience first-hand how to write proposals, make budgets, negotiate with sponsors and collaborators, and communicate with other teams in the organization. I deeply appreciate that my supervisor challenged me to think more critically and work more efficiently. I have also become more considerate and independent as a person because of this internship experience.

Wong Ming Lok, Danson 
(June — August
Program (Arts and Culture)
Lingnan University

I am grateful for my time here at ASHK, contributing towards the planning and research aspects related to various arts and culture programs. This experience is truly unique, in addition to a welcoming and wonderful work environment, and meeting new friends and good mentors.


Kwok Yi Ching, Macy
(June  July 2017)
External Affairs
The University of Hong Kong

Working at ASHK was truly insightful and rewarding experience. I am glad that I was given tremendous opportunities to learn, grow, and most importantly, to understand my strengths and challenges. My supervisor was supportive and passionate about her work and offered me with much guidance while treating me as an integral part of the team.

Leung King Lam M. Grace
(June — July 2017)
Programs Department (Art and Culture)
Education University of Hong Kong

Thanks to this internship experience, I have a clearer idea of my career path and goals. My supportive supervisors gave me plenty of opportunities to tackle different jobs from assisting and preparing for events to designing for workshops. I’m thankful to have been able to work with amazing new friends, mentors and a great organization.


Boo Nok Yi, Micah
(January  — June 2017)
Events and Visitor Service 
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

My internship experience at ASHK was memorable and fruitful. Thanks to my supportive colleagues, I was given numerous opportunities to practice my customer service and problem-solving skills, as well as communication techniques. Some tasks proved to be challenging, yet my colleagues always provided guidance with patience. The past six months has definitely helped me gained valuable experience better prepare for my future career.


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