Webinars: Global Learning for Educators

2012-2013 Webinar Archive

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Global Learning for Educators is a free year-long webinar series. The 2012-2013 line-up featured a variety of presentations representing the depth and breadth of our work across the Education Department. We hope you'll use the recordings below as a basis for community conversations about what matters in 21st century global education.


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Integrating International Perspectives into U.S. History – Resources for the Challenges Facing Today’s Teacher

National History Day and The National Council for History Education present their approaches to internationalizing U.S. History. Both organizations are creating resources to be used by teachers to contextualize U.S. History – from the Revolutionary War to the Cold War. We will discuss the approaches, the resources, and the implications for today’s teachers.

Presenters: Noralee Frankel, consultant with National History Day
Craig Perrier, High School Social Studies Specialist, Fairfax County Public Schools
Respondent: Dale Steiner, professor of History, California State University, Chico

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What We Can Learn about Education from International Data

Join us as we partner with Steve Hargadon for a live and interactive Future of Education conversation with Andreas Schleicher. Learn what data from high-performing school systems around the world tells about best practices in education. The discussion will give you a bird's-eye view of promising practices and the future of education internationally.

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Success Stories from Around the World

Join us as we partner with Steve Hargadon for a live and interactive Future of Education conversation with Pasi Sahlberg and Vivien Stewart about their respective books, Finnish Lessons and A World-Class Education. The discussion will focus on what we can learn from international models and how they provide students with equal access to an excellent education.

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Identifying Effective Strategies in Urban School Systems

Please join the Alliance for Excellent Education for a webinar on the Asia Society’s Global Cities Education Network, which works to identify effective strategies in urban school systems in North America and Asia to transform learning and achieve equity.

The Global Cities Education Network benchmarks internationally informed practices that enable urban systems to provide the vast majority of students with the opportunity to attain high-level skills, regardless of their cultural or economic background. The panelists will discuss high-priority problems of practice—the need to develop and sustain a high-quality teaching force and improve the educational outcomes for low-performing and diverse students. They will discuss practice-based studies on these issues that offer potential solutions and policy options to meet these common challenges. Bob Wise, president of the Alliance and former governor of West Virginia, will moderate the discussion. Panelists will also address questions submitted by viewers from across the nation.

Panelists: Linda Darling-Hammond, EdD, Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education, Stanford University
Michael DeBell, School Board President, Seattle Public Schools
Anthony Jackson, PhD, Vice President for Education, Asia Society

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School Leadership in a Changing World

Participate in a collaborative global conversation on school leadership by attending the inaugural virtual and worldwide School Leadership Summit. This online education conference will include a variety of sessions on the following leadership topics: Vision, Teaching and Learning, Professional Learning, Data-driven Reform, and Ethical and Responsible Use of Technology. Join us as we partner with Steve Hargadon to highlight Keynote Presentations by Michael Fullan and Yong Zhao.

Keynote Speaker: Michael Fullan, Professor Emeritus of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto
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Keynote Speaker: Yong Zhao, Presidential Chair and Associate Dean for Global Education in the College of Education, University of Oregon
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Open Up a World of Opportunity: Global Learning in Expanded Learning Time

Global learning calls for a new approach beyond traditional school-community partnerships. It requires that students not only learn about other countries and cultures, but also apply their learning to complex local and global issues. As districts, schools, and educators strive to connect learning in and out of school, innovative models are emerging that redesign partnerships, staffing, time, curriculum, and use of technology. Learn about the framework and get a series of tools for creating expanded learning programs that bolster students’ global competence and academic success through project-based learning, service learning projects, internships, and other learning experiences outside of school hours and walls.

Presenters: Alexis Menten, Director, Afterschool and Youth Leadership Initiatives, Asia Society
Elizabeth Colby, Extended Learning Coordinator/Afterschool Director, Newfound Regional High School, Bristol, New Hampshire

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Students as Linguists and Diplomats: Eight Principles for Creative World Language Teaching

Language teaching is fundamentally about much more than learning how to introduce oneself, chat about the weather, or ask what time it is. At its core, effective language teaching provides students with the necessary tools to recognize and apply patterns in language and culture, and creates a learning environment in which students are asked constantly to make meaning for themselves. The best language programs are more than mere classes within the walls of a school—they are jumping-off points for explorations in and beyond the target language that offer students the opportunity to interact and communicate across linguistic and cultural borders, and to develop a range of cognitive and academic skills that can be applied across subject areas. As such, they are the basis for all the learning that happens in schools that offer a global education.
 Through this lively session, understand the fundamental principles for creating language programs that embody this commitment to empowered, interactive, and inspired student learning.

Presenter: Chris Livaccari, Director, Education and Chinese Language Initiatives, Asia Society

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China and Globalization

The most robust, dynamic, and successful language programs connect language learning with other interdisciplinary and authentic learning—within the school and out in the wider world. Through Asia Society's new website, China and Globalization, you can access a framework and interactive materials for teachers and students to take part in this kind of learning. Chinese language and Social Studies teachers alike will find this site to be a valuable resource. Join us for an introduction to China and Globalization and to hear from a Chinese teacher who has used these units in her classroom and expanded them to suit the proficiency levels, interest areas, and dynamics of her students.

Presenters: Eleise Jones, Education and Chinese Language Initiatives, Asia Society
Rongfen Sun Burford, Chinese Teacher, Tyee Middle School, Bellevue, Washington

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Adventures in Project-Based Global Learning 

Hear from educators who are employing project-based global learning to give students the skills they need to connect, cooperate, and compete in a global environment. Learn how they have implemented a school-wide global learning program that incorporates projects and service learning across the curriculum. Teachers and the school leader will share their struggles and successes to help guide you on your own journey to preparing students for their global futures.

Presenters: Teachers and principal, Terri Holden, Academy of Global Studies at Winton Woods High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Connecting Global Competence to Teacher Preparation

Learn how two campuses, Michigan State University and Kent State University, are internationalizing their teacher preparation programs. 
In order to prepare new teachers to add a global perspective to their classrooms in Ohio, Kent State University has partnered with Miami University, and the University of Akron to create and manage the two-year Global Learning Scholars fellows program and have co-developed Teacher Education Goes Global that supports the internationalization of coursework at the three universities. The College of Education at Michigan State has developed specialized teacher preparation program, the Global Educators Cohort Program (GECP), focused on incorporating global and international perspectives into teacher content and pedagogical practices. 
Apply these lessons to your own pre- or in-service teacher professional development programs.

Presenters: Joanne Arhar, Professor and Associate Dean, College of Education, Health, and Human Services, Kent State University
Margo Glew, Director of the GECP, Michigan State University
Donna Wiseman, Dean School of Education, University of Maryland College Park

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Educating for Global Competence: The Future of Education, Today

A live and interactive discussion with Asia Society Vice President for Education, Tony Jackson, and Harvard professor, Veronica Boix-Mansilla, authors of Educating for Global Competence: Preparing Our Youth to Engage the World. Steve Hargadon, host of The Future of Education interview series, engages them in an important conversation about educating today’s youth to become globally competent leaders of tomorrow.

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Introduction to Project-Based Global Learning 

Internationalize your classroom this year with projects that engage students in meaningful, real-world work to address globally significant issues. Infuse your curriculum with global project-based learning experiences that empower students and help them develop the global competence they need for success in an increasingly interconnected world. Learn how to implement student-driven learning pedagogies and utilize e-technologies to build authentic, humanizing connections between students and the world.

Presenters: Jennifer Klein, Professional Development and Outreach Coordinator, TakingITGlobal for Educators
Honor Moorman, Associate Director, Professional Development and Curriculum, Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning

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Schools: Go Global and Prepare Students for Success

What is your school doing to prepare students for success in the global era? Join Brandon Wiley, Director of the International Studies Schools Network at Asia Society, to learn how to implement global learning initiatives in your school. Understand how schools across the United States are utilizing innovative approaches and proven practices in global education. Get strategies and tools to help ensure students develop global competence and are prepared for a global society.

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Districts: Go Global and Prepare Students for Success 

What is your district doing to prepare students for success in the global era? Brandon Wiley, Director of the International Studies Schools Network at Asia Society, talks with district leaders on how to implement global learning initiatives. Understand how districts across the United States are utilizing innovative approaches and proven practices in global education. Get strategies and tools to help your district ensure students develop global competence and are prepared for a global society.

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