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The Center for Global Education offers a wealth of resources for educators, leaders, and administrators, including those part of afterschool or out-of-school time networks, to build capacity and transform their learning environments. Whether you're looking for professional development opportunities or consulting services for your school or district, assistance with curriculum assessment and instruction, or school design and program development resources, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

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Packages for Support to Schools and Districts

We work with schools and districts using a transformational model with an asset-based approach. We work directly with school leaders and teachers to build upon what they are already doing well. And we work with teachers as professionals to transform their instruction and the schools’ curriculum and assessment system.

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Our services for schools and districts include:

  • Executive coaching to maximize school results
  • Global focus goal-setting and progress tracking
  • Professional learning events with other global school leaders
  • Structures and systems for leading teacher and student success
  • Integrating student choice, authentic assessment, global significance and exhibition to real-world audiences into curriculum and instruction
  • Project-based units that incorporate performance assessment and global issues

Learn more about the services and tailored supports we provide by contacting the Education Partnerships team at

Packages of Support to Afterschool and Expanded Learning Providers

We work to increase the quantity and quality of global learning in afterschool, summer, and expanding learning programs. Youth-serving organizations share our mission of supporting student success within and beyond school, in work, citizenship, and life in the 21st century.

Our services include:

  • Professional Development: Sessions to increase staff’s knowledge about global competence and instructional strategies for developing globally competent youth
  • Program Assessment: Analysis of program activities or administration to identify quality practices and improve conditions for global learning
  • Program Development: Creation of tools or strategies to increase the scope or quality of global learning opportunities and improve youth outcomes
  • Capacity Building: Strategy development and advisement sessions to increase the effectiveness of globally-focused practices, services, and systems

We also work with schools across the country to recognize learning that takes place in out-of-school time through our performance-based assessment system. This work helps to meet the increasing demand from policymakers, parents, and students to maximize the entire learning day and year to provide critical 21st century skills.

Learn more about the tailored supports and solutions we provide by contacting Heather Loewecke at

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