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A collection of resources for out-of-school time, including afterschool and summer learning. Learn more about our expanded learning resources and services in Global Learning Beyond School, and initiative of the Center for Global Education at Asia Society.

Articles and Resources

Learn about the qualities of an effective summer program—and start planning for how your youth will spend the summers to enhance global learning and academic achievement.
A recent study found that 93% of American teens are online. Out-of-school time provide young people with opportunities to connect to new ideas, peers, and experiences.
Learn how afterschool can help young people prepare for life and work by gaining the highly sought global knowledge, skills and experiences demanded by the industries of tomorrow.
Children learn whether through social interaction, play, study, or consuming media. Get ideas on how to engage children in learning about the world outside school hours.
Education doesn't end with the school day. Here are ideas to expose students to an interconnected world. ideas.



Delia Pompa (National Council of La Raza) discusses the opportunities and benefits of learning languages in afterschool programs. (3 min., 57 sec.)


Ron Fairchild (CEO of the National Summer Learning Association) discusses the summer learning gap--academic setbacks over summer vacation--and how summer programs help young people explore their world and strengthen their interests and talents.


Expanding Horizons makes the case for integrating global literacy—international knowledge, skills, and perspectives—into afterschool and summer programs. (14 min., 36 sec.)


CNN journalist Soledad O'Brien narrates a documentary on using summer and afterschool hours to develop global citizens. (5 min., 23 seconds)

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