Resources for Out-of-School Time


A collection of resources for out-of-school time, including afterschool and summer learning. Learn more about our expanded learning resources and services in Global Learning Beyond School, and initiative of the Center for Global Education at Asia Society.

Articles and Resources

A new issue brief from Afterschool Alliance and the Center for Global Education showcases exemplary afterschool programs that are promoting civic engagement.
Gardens are increasingly becoming a part of afterschool programs and school culture, and they can be used as a window into other cultures.
How civics education can prepare all students to be active citizens of the United States and the world.
Children and adolescents need a broad range of experiences to build their knowledge of the world and understand their place in it. Learn how to use expanded learning time to build global competence.
The American cities of New York, Denver, and Seattle, as well as the Asian cities of Singapore, Hiroshima, Shanghai, and Seoul, share their strategies and challenges in integrating 21st-century competencies into their school systems.
Food is a good way to introduce young people to a variety of countries and cultures. Learn how educators can design learning units using cooking as an instructional strategy to develop young people's global understanding through cuisine.
A Rosetta Stone for Noncognitive Skills describes the Big Five factors that can be used by educators to develop noncognitive skills.
Workforce development in afterschool and summer programs prepares youth for the 21st century.
With the adoption of the Common Core State Standards, there is an opportunity for afterschool and youth development organizations to play a role in shaping 21st-century skills and supporting academic progress for children and youth.
High-quality afterschool programming leverages hands-on learning experiences and community connections to prepare youth for success in college and the workforce.
Asia Society convened a working group with several Statewide Afterschool Networks to create issue briefs that make the case that afterschool programs prepare youth to fully participate in our global economy.
An overview of ways to use our unit plan outlines in out-of-school time to help implement global learning activities.
These unit plan outlines help out-of-school time programs implement global learning activities.
Learning isn't limited to the school day. Expand your thinking on expanded learning time.
A complete guide on strategy and sources for global competence funding.
Creative activities on oral histories, folk tales, and other stories from around the world--and from young peoples' imaginations.
How to help young people discover the connections between local issues and global impact.


Afterschool Language Learning

Delia Pompa (National Council of La Raza) discusses the opportunities and benefits of learning languages in afterschool programs. (3 min., 57 sec.)

Summertime and Global Learning

Ron Fairchild (CEO of the National Summer Learning Association) discusses the summer learning gap--academic setbacks over summer vacation--and how summer programs help young people explore their world and strengthen their interests and talents.

Expanding Horizons: Afterschool and Global Literacy

Expanding Horizons makes the case for integrating global literacy—international knowledge, skills, and perspectives—into afterschool and summer programs. (14 min., 36 sec.)

Expanding Horizons: Afterschool and Global Learning (short)

CNN journalist Soledad O'Brien narrates a documentary on using summer and afterschool hours to develop global citizens. (5 min., 23 seconds)

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