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Visiting teachers from China gives a presentation to fellow teachers. Photo courtesy Ohio Board of Education.
Schools Without Walls: Ohio's Learning Partnerships that Reach Around the World
Ohio’s State Board of Education made education in the global economy a priority. Here's what they did to make student learning unbounded. more
One in five U.S. jobs are tied to international trade. (Santosh Kushwaha/Asia Society and Longview Foundation)

Map of the Day: Five Facts About the US You Should Know — And One You Can't Ignore

A new interactive map, featuring one million data points, shows American schools are preparing students for the past, not the future. more
Wisconsin in the World
Wisconsin has a 35-year tradition of linking local schools to international partners. Get some advice from a pioneer. more
Teacher professional development workshop. (vm/istockphoto)
Implementation of the Common Core State Standards
The District of Columbia and 45 states have adopted the Common Core State Standards. Three states offer tools and tips on how to implement them. more
Image: Paul Cowan
Professional Development Resource List
A printable guide of teacher professional development organizations that help build global competence. more
Map out your state strategy using our tools.
State Strategies to Prepare a Globally Competent Generation
Best practices in leadership, resources, teacher prep and professional development, curriculum, and instruction. Includes real-world examples drawn from 25+ states. more
Work with stakeholders and constituents and reallze how educational supply and workforce demand comes together.
Organize a State Initiative
How to put together a statewide initiative on global learning. more
A Shaker Heights elementary student proudly staples her addition to a Chinese-language poster. Photo courtesy the school.
Ten Strategies to Internationalize Schools
Practical advice from a team of Ohio policymakers on how Ohio pulled together stakeholders and internationalized their education system. more
Does your state curriculum frameworks allow for student international knowledge and skills? Photo: Asia Society.
Curriculum Inventory
An integral part of taking stock of the status of international education in your community or state is to familiarize yourself with state education standards. more
One out of every five jobs in the United States is related to international trade. Learn more about how your local community's economy is dependent on foreign trade.
Gather Economic Statistics
Economic statistics show states' dependence on international trade, foreign direct investment, immigration and educational benchmarking. This article provides useful research links. more