Making the Case for Global Education

Why is global education important? In school, out of school, and in life? Read articles, publications, research, and resources that make the case for global education.

Making the Case for Global Education

Learn about our work and why global competence is so important.
Denver Public Schools Superintendent Tom Boasberg shares some of the lessons Denver has learned through Asia Society's Global Cities Education Network from school systems around the world.
In a new Asia Society publication, Chris Livaccari explores how multilingualism is a key aspect of life for most people in the world—and has been throughout history—and is a rich source of engagement, playfulness, and joy.
"Language is a currency for trust, and respect; it provides bricks and mortar for building an ability to explore the beauty of diverse cultures, traditions, and historical perspectives."
Asia Society convened a working group with several Statewide Afterschool Networks to create issue briefs that make the case that afterschool programs prepare youth to fully participate in our global economy.
It's essential for students to constantly confront and redefine their understandings of language and culture.


Preparing Students for the World
Watch how Fort Vancouver High School partnered with Asia Society's International Studies Schools Network to prepare all of their students to graduate globally competent and prepared for the future.
The Power of Global Competence
School leaders, teachers, and students discuss the importance of global competence.
Educating for Citizenship in a Global World - Keynote Remarks
 /  New York
Kevin Rudd, Josette Sheeran, Lulu Wang, Svein Østtveit, and Sarah Brown speak at a special forum to discuss how to educate all students for a global era.
NCLC 2015: Speakers Discuss the Importance of Global Competence and Chinese Language Learning
Mark P. Becker, Yawei Liu, David Coleman, Tom Nagorski, and Xu Lin discuss China learning initiatives.
Student Panel: Deeper Learning Through Global Competence
 /  New York
Marc Chun of the Hewlett Foundation moderates a student panel at Asia Society's 2014 Partnership for Global Learning Conference.
Kevin Rudd: Learning Chinese Is a 'Doorway to Understanding'
Australia's former Prime Minister, fluent in Mandarin, kicks off Asia Society's 2014 National Chinese Language Conference.

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