International Exchange and Travel

Students in China

Find ideas and tools about international exchanges and school partnerships.


People-to-people exchanges can pave the way for a deeper mutual understanding between countries, writes U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Daniel R. Russel.
Service learning is good for students and good for society. See one school's program.
An educator returns to the classroom after several years away—read his impressions.
Discover the difference between tourism and a deep learning experience.
Traveling thousands or miles, or just one mile, can provide students many opportunities to engage with the world in meaningful ways.
Eight types of hashtags and a list of who to follow for educators teaching about and connecting with the world.
Wisconsin has a 35-year tradition of linking local schools to international partners. Get some advice from a pioneer.
One school where every student has the option to take part in exchanges.
And neither are the U.S.'s education cuts.
Tag along for a rare glimpse inside Chinese central government complex.
Beijing's Bird Nest playing host to Rodeo China October 3-10, 2011. We get you started with a quick lesson in Chinese rodeo vocabulary.
A New Jersey school ties its exchange programs to scientific inquiry.
Advice, recommendations, and links from the experts at the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel.
Learn about the Asia Society initiative to create substantive, and long-term partnerships between schools.
International travel changes lives for the better. See how you can start a program in your school. Teach the world--by sending students to experience it.
Ideas on how to integrate international themes into your afterschool or out-of-school time program, plus a couple recommendations for curricular kits.
Practical advice for teachers and school leaders on how to create a meaningful school partnerships.