Going Global

Preparing Our Students for an Interconnected World

Children lying in a circle. (ichaka/istockphoto)

Going Global is a guidebook that helps middle and high schools, and their districts, prepare globally competent, college-ready graduates.

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The guidebook describes the need—and profile—of a globally competent graduate, and offer practical tools and models for your school community to create a vision, plan, and ultimately, a school culture that fosters global learning. Topics range from how to find and nurture a faculty, to ways to transform the curriculum. Chapters focus on how to infuse international learning in different subjects, and how to create interdisciplinary programs and capstone projects. Special sections on teacher and student travel, internships, and community resources help schools transform holistically. 

The guidebook also includes a special chapter on how to engage with the community and how to take a model to scale at the district or state level.  

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