Global Issue Overviews

Aligned to the UN Sustainable Goals, our Global Issue Overviews span a broad range of globally significant issues and frame essential questions and enduring understandings for teachers and students alike. Overviews connect to our Performance Outcomes to demonstrate how competence can be achieved.

A Global Issue Overview is a tool that frames a globally significant issue in an easily digestible way. You don't need to be an expert in a global issue in order to teach it, because in performance assessment your students develop the expertise. A Global Issue Overview gives you enough knowledge to establish the connections to your academic goals, the four domains of global competence, and the performance assessment you are designing.

View an example of a Global Issue Overview.

You can access more Global Issue Overviews and all of the Center for Global Education's renowned global competence content in an easy to use subscription-based online platform called Global Ed Explorer.

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