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Global CTE Toolkit

Course Syllabus and Outline: This document outlines the content and activities contained within the Global Competence Through CTE online course. (Downloadable Word version with links).

Activities for My Classroom and Community

  1. Who Are My Students Activity: This activity helps you take stock of who your students are and where they come from. This will allow you to use the diversity in your classroom to engage your students. (Module 1 or Stand Alone activity).
  2. Mapping the Nation Activity Instructions: This sheet will give an overview of how to complete the Mapping the Nation activity worksheet. This activity will help you identify the global connections in your state and local community.
  3. Mapping the Nation Activity Worksheet: Find the global connections in your state and county with
  4. Mapping the Nation Extension Activity: This takes the activity one step further by helping you to write a case study on the global connections of your state and community to be used in advocating for global career and technical education. (Coming soon!)

Badging, CEU, and Microcredential Information

  • Badges
    • Teachers: Those who complete the Global Competency through CTE modules will earn a badge of completion.
  • CEUs:
    • Upon completion of the Global Competency through CTE modules, educators will be elegible to earn two Continuing Education Credits through the University of Central Missouri. Email Heather Singmaster for more information. 
  • Microcredentials:
    • If you are interested in further developing your global competence skills, Digital Promise offers micro credentials. These can be earned by educators as they complete global projects with their students.

Technology Tools for Global CTE

Links to helpful technology tools for global collaboration projects, professional development, curriculum, and more. 
(You may also want to check this link for collaboration tools and this #GlobalEdChat transcript).

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Global CTE Toolkit

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