Case Study: Herricks Union Free School District

Leadership in International Education

Student smiling in class (Herricks Middle School)

Dr. Jack Bierwirth became the superintendent of Herricks Union Free School District ten years ago. What he did in the very beginning has implications today, but will have an even bigger impact tomorrow.

What did he do? He spoke with parents, students, educators, and he reached out to the community to ask their vision for the district. What he discovered was a common desire to ensure students would graduate with the ability to apply their knowledge and understanding to complex, real-world problems, and with the ability to communicate their findings.

What the Long Island community realized a decade ago is visionary, but it is not unique. As the 2010 MetLife Survey for the American Teacher reveals, a full 98% of educators and 99% of school principals believe that global competence is important for students’ futures. What makes Herricks Union Free School District stand out was—and is—their ability to adopt policies and practices that produce globally competent high school graduates.

Learn more about Herricks in the new report, Herricks Union Free School District: Leaders in International Education.

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