21st-Century Skills

Students at Collegiate School in Virginia.

A collection of curricular resources and articles about the skills needed for the 21st century.

Articles and Resources

Hear from Dr. Andreas Schleicher what the PISA data means. Watch the video program.
An analysis of PISA results by Dr. Tony Jackson.
Math helps us understand the world. It follows that learners should use the world to understand math.
What research tells us about the benefits of language learning.
Asia Society President defines what's needed to produce "globally competent" citizens.
See why Arne Duncan calls international education and exchanges this generation's moonshot.
Five project ideas that will excite your students and connect them to the world.
Nations share a common interest in boosting high-quality education and harnessing technology for learning.
Read the book that introduced the definition of global competence, Educating for Global Competence: Preparing Our Youth to Engage the World.
Service learning is a terrific way to learn about the real world--locally and globally--while fulfilling curricular requirements.
The federal government is nearly tripling the money going to local schools with a challenge to build a world-class education system. What's your plan?
Learn how afterschool can help young people prepare for life and work by gaining the highly sought global knowledge, skills and experiences demanded by the industries of tomorrow.
There's an estimated 200 percent growth in Chinese language programs in the United States in just four years. Read about other interesting trend data.
Your election dramatically signifies America’s ability to renew and reinvent itself in response to the urgent need for change. Nowhere is this clearer than in education.
There is an inverse relationship between the growing importance of international relations and how little most high school graduates know. This article outlines ways to correct the problem.
How do we prepare American students to be contributing citizens, productive workers, and competent leaders in the interconnected world of the 21st century?
Our schools must prepare students for an ever-shrinking world.


School leaders, teachers, and students discuss the importance of global competence.
As part of Asia Society's Instructional Videos for Chinese Language Teachers: TEQ Series, this video features an edited 30-minute classroom lesson interspersed with commentary and paired with a lesson plan and interviews.
 /  New York
Marc Chun of the Hewlett Foundation moderates a student panel at Asia Society's 2014 Partnership for Global Learning Conference.

Asia Society has a network of nearly 30 schools throughout the country whose trademark is educational excellence and global innovation. Learn more! (4 min., 32 sec.)

Brandeis University President Jehuda Reinharz explains what he sees as the purpose of a liberal arts education.

Delia Pompa (National Council of La Raza) discusses the opportunities and benefits of learning languages in afterschool programs. (3 min., 57 sec.)