Building Shareholder Value through APA Business Resource Groups/Employee Resource Groups Webinar

This week saw the first webinar to come out of the Diversity Leadership Initiative. Entitled Building Shareholder Value through Asian Pacific American Business Resource Groups (BRG)/Employee Resource Groups (ERG), the webinar was given as a benefit for companies sponsoring the 2014 Diversity Leadership Forum in June. The hour-long webinar was moderated by Kathryn Komsa, Senior Consultant at Greatheart Leader Labs and featured Ben Kwok, Director of Finance at Time Warner, and Vipul Sheth, Global Vice President of Quality at Medtronic. Over 50 listeners from top companies tuned in to learn how to position their APA Business Resource Groups as the go-to resources for problem solving, collaborating and generating revenue for their companies’ bottom line. The Diversity Leadership Initiative is bringing powerful content to bear year round on topics that are all too rarely discussed outside of the annual Diversity Leadership Forum—and top companies are listening.