2014 Award Winners

Asia Society Congratulates the 2014 Award Winners!


Best in Class


Overall Best Employer for Asian Pacific Americans
Winner: Goldman, Sachs & Co.




Best Company for Support of the Asian Pacific American Community
Winner: Goldman, Sachs & Co. Distinguished Performance: AT&T


Best Company for Promoting Asian Pacific Americans into Senior Leadership Positions
Winner: Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Honor for Distinguished Performance: Colgate-Palmolive



Best Company for Asian Pacific Americans to Develop Workforce Skills
Winner: KPMG
Distinguished Performance: Goldman, Sachs & Co.; Colgate-Palmolive



Best Company for Marketing and Appealing to Asian Pacific Americans
Winner: Medtronic



Best Company for Mentoring
Winner: AT&T
Distinguished Performance: KPMG; GE



Best Company with the Most Innovative Practices
Winner: BNY Mellon
Distinguished Performance: GE


Best Practices


Pfizer; KPMG; and Goldman, Sachs & Co

AT&T; BNY Mellon

Recruitment and Selection

Retention Efforts
GE; BNY Mellon

Employee Growth and Advancement
KPMG; Goldman, Sachs & Co.; and Freddie Mac

P&L Leadership
GE; KPMG; and Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Support for the Community
AT&T; Marriott; and Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Market Opportunities
Medtronic; Marriott; and NY Life