2012 APA Survey Results

In 2012, Asia Society released the Asian Pacific Americans Corporate Survey. This one-of-a-kind survey presents the opinions, insights, and experiences of thousands of APA employees working at Fortune 500 and other companies. The survey measures key workplace and career dimensions that impact APA employees.

Key Findings

  • Companies need to do more to draw on the expertise and knowledge of their APA employees, which represent untapped potential for companies as they seek to understand both the APA market and Asian markets.
  • Growth and development can be addressed in many ways, for example, through focusing on the dimensions of commitment to the APA community internally and externally and Leadership and company image.
  • Despite great loyalty, APA employees do not feel a sense of belonging at their companies.
  • The longer APAs are in the U.S, the greater the decline in positive responses across virtually every workplace dimension.
  • There is a dynamic of decreasing engagement at the critical career juncture between middle and senior management.
  • Companies must ensure APA employees feel valued.

Certain aspects of the 2012 findings merit a deeper dive as they further illuminate the matrix of needs, desires and engagement drivers at work within the APA employee population.


2011 Best in Class Employers: Colgate -Palmolive Company; Corning Incorporated; Freddie Mac; GE; IBM; KPMG LLP; Merck; New York Life insurance Company and Sodexo.


2011 Best in Class Finalists: Cardinal Health, Inc.; Cisco; Colgate-Palmolive Company; Corning Incorporated; Eli Lilly and Company; Freddie Mac; GE; Goldman, Sachs & Co.; IBM; KPMG LLP; Merck; New York Life Insurance Company; Pfizer; PG&E Corporation and Sodexo.

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