2011 APA Survey Results


The 2011 APA Corporate Report shed important light on approaches to APA employee engagement, including:

  • “Time in US” is a key differentiating factor: APA employees who have been in the US for over 11 years, or who were born in the US, view their companies less favorably than more recent arrivals. Together these groups account for approximately 76% of the Asian American population, according to the 2010 Census. Our research suggests that this may explain some of the perceived differences between countries of origin

    TAKEAWAY: Current APA development and engagement activities may be missing an important element of success.

  • Evolution has to come from both the employee and the company: Our Best in Class companies demonstrate that successfully providing for APA employee success has many facets.  Efforts to change the corporate culture, teaching managers to value differences, and professional development and training for APA employees are all equally important.

    TAKEAWAY: It’s not simply a matter of addressing APA employee behaviors.

2011 Best in Class Employers: Cardinal Health, Inc.; Colgate-Palmolive; GE; KPMG LLP; PepsiCo

2011 Best in Class Finalists: 3M; Cardinal Health, Inc.; Cisco; Colgate-Palmolive Company; Corning Incorporated; Freddie Mac; GE; Goldman, Sachs & Co.; HSBC Bank; Kaiser Permanente; KPMG LLP; Kraft Foods, Inc.; Lear Corporation; McDonald’s USA; New York Life Insurance Company; PepsiCo, Inc.; Pfizer; PG&E Corporation; Sodexo; Time Warner