Curriculum Inventory


An integral part of a state inventory on global learning is to examine the state education standards. In addition to noting explicit requirements relating to language learning and developing knowledge about the world, here are some questions to consider while evaluating learning standards:

  • Do your state’s existing standards, assessments, and graduation requirements incorporate international content in clear and specific ways across all of the major subject areas? How might it be strengthened?
  • Has your state developed explicit policies to promote international knowledge and skills, particularly those listed in the standards?
  • Does it have a mechanism and a specific organizational entity responsible for driving the state effort?
  • Can textbook review criteria be aligned with the curriculum and assessment goals as they relate to global learning?
  • Does your state identify and disseminate best practices in existing schools or offer incentives to create more internationally oriented schools?
  • How is international education incorporated into other school reform efforts already under  ay in your state, e.g., middle and high school reform, early childhood, literacy and
    after-school programs, civics education, K-16 alliances? Are there best practices in those areas that can be shared with other schools?
  • What opportunities do students in your state have to learn world languages, including less commonly taught languages? How could these be expanded?
  • Are current teacher preparation and certification programs aligned with the global learning vision set forth in the state curriculum?
  • Does your state use the international resources of higher education and the business community to promote students and teachers’ international knowledge/skills?
  • How is your state’s technology and distance learning infrastructure used to strengthen international education? What could be done that is not being done currently?
  • Does your state support student, teacher, and school leader participation in international partnerships and exchanges? 

To get started, state standards should be available on your state department of education website. Check the US Department of Education (DOE) site for a link to your state education agency.

This website has many articles and examples about how other states have internationalized their education system. To access more expertise and to network with state policymakers who have been engaged in this work for many years, consider joining Asia Society's Partnership for Global Learning.