Comedy Overcoming Conflict, in Asia and Beyond

In Mumbai on Oct. 1, Anand Chulani speaks about his experiences using comedy to overcome conflict, such as persuading Israeli and Palestinian youth to work together as "ambassadors of peace." (3 min., 35 sec.)

MUMBAI, October 1, 2011 — Conflict exists at every level — and sometimes the solution to conflict can be as simple as understanding its root cause, and spreading some laughter.

Anand Chulani, renowned "inspiration comedian" and founder of the LOL Method, shared these thoughts here at an AsiaBuzz series programme, "Comedy Vs. Conflict."

Chulani spoke about his experiences using comedy to defuse tensions in several situations, such as turning around Israeli and Palestinian youth to come together as ambassadors of peace; working with the International Association of Hostage Negotiators; and consulting with England's Department of Public Policy on strategies to handle jailed rioters from the August 2011 London protests to help them express their grievances productively.

Chulani believes that the young people involved in London riots are "natural leaders" who came from different communities to stand together for one cause. He sees great potential for using that experience, and their natural inherent leadership ability, to inspire other youth in a positive direction.

Chulani admitted that it's easy to form snap opinions about people like the rioters based on their actions. However, he added, "You cannot influence anyone, anyone that you do not understand and appreciate first."

Watch the above video for an excerpt detailing some of Chulani's strategies.

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