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Using the TEQ Videos

  • A Q&A with Dr. Wei-ling Wu, master Chinese language instructor and designer of the TEQ Series Instructional Videos for Chinese Language Teachers.

TEQ Instructional Videos for Chinese Language Teaching

In addition to providing practical training for in-class development, Asia Society sees the need to develop a new generation of leaders in the Chinese education field. Through our Teaching Fellows program, we aim to cultivate master teachers who can become mentors and exemplars to those new to the field.

Each year, Asia Society selects 5–10 Chinese teachers as Teaching Fellows. Under the one-on-one professional consultation of Dr. Weiling Wu, these selected teachers create, develop, and polish lesson plans. We then film the classroom of each selected teacher, and edit these to guide viewers to think and reflect on what they are observing in each video, to try and bridge the gap between instructional standards and classroom implementation. Part of Asia Society's professional development series for educators, these instructional videos for Chinese language teachers aim to share best practices in the field of Chinese language teaching.

These Chinese classes cover different grade levels and proficiency levels, and have been recorded to showcase the 8 Principles for Effective and Innovative Chinese Language Teaching and Learning, proposed by Dr. Wu. In each video, Dr. Wu explains what is happening and how the featured teacher is applying a specific principle, with the help of animated characters Mr. T (Theory)Ms. E (Enthusiasm), and Ms. Q (Question).

Materials in this series include:

  • A 30-minute edited classroom video interspersed with commentary from Dr. Wu,
  • an accompanying lesson plan,
  • an interview with the featured teacher,
  • and an interview with the school administrator.

Get started by reading How to Use the TEQ Series: Instructional Videos for Chinese Language Teachers, or begin watching the videos listed below.

Your comments and feedback are always highly appreciated. Please tell us your thoughts after you watch these videos.

Meet Shwu-fen Lin's Grades 9 & 10 Intermediate Chinese Class at Princeton High School, New Jersey.
Meet Lin Young's Grade 9–12 Novice Chinese Class at Greenwich High School, CT, and Jessie Maeer's Grade 10 Novice Chinese Class at Heritage Hall High School, OK.
Meet Shiffon Theodorou's Grade 9 Novice-mid Chinese Class at Simsbury High School in Connecticut.
Meet Mei Dong's Grade 8 Novice-High Chinese Class at Collegiate School in Richmond, Virginia.
Meet Yan Wang's Grade 2 Novice-Mid Chinese Class at Dixie Magnet Elementary School in Lexington, Kentucky.