Paint Branch Elementary School

Paint Branch Elementary School STEM Field Trip.


Paint Branch Elementary School
Chinese Partial Immersion and STEM Program
College Park, Maryland
Serves students aged 5 to 11, grades K-6
(301) 513 -5300

In 2010-2014, Prince George’s County Public Schools, a large urban school district in Maryland, started a STEM-focused (science, technology, engineering, and math) Chinese language program at Paint Branch Elementary School in College Park. The program was part of the Maryland Department of Education’s World Language Pipelines under the state’s Race to the Top initiatives. In 2014, with careful design and planning, students in Kindergarten at Paint Branch started receiving instruction on STEM subjects in Mandarin and in English. The program is partial Chinese immersion for Kindergarten students, which will expand each year until all grades are included. Students in Grades 1-3 participate in STEM content classes in Chinese using Maryland State Department of Education World Language-STEM Modules, which are part of the Race to the Top Grant (RTTT). Students in Grades 4-6 study Chinese language and culture while also beginning to learn other World Languages as they prepare for middle and high school.

In December 2014, students in Grade 2 traveled to West Side Elementary School across the state, where they met students at the school. These two groups of students have been studying a module on, “What’s the Matter with Ice Cream?” a World Language STEM module developed by the Maryland State Department of Education. Together these students made friends and made ice cream, all in Chinese. See photos of the visit here.
Mr. Hendershot, Principal of Paint Branch Elementary School, says about the field trip, “It was a great opportunity for our students to connect with 2nd graders from another part of the state and to practice using what they have learned with another group of students. Thanks to Westside Elementary for being great hosts. We look forward to connecting with them again in the future."

Ms. Henninger, Immersion Instructional Specialist for Prince George’s County Public Schools, stated, “It was a fantastic opportunity to network with other school districts to provide more language and content opportunities for our students. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with West Side Elementary School.”

To learn more about Paint Branch Elementary School and their approach to STEM education in Chinese, visit the web site here or contact Ruby Costea at, 301-513-5300.

Program Contacts:
Paint Branch Elementary School
Principal: Mr. Emmett H. Hendershot,, 301-513-5300 x 57933
Program Coordinator: Ms. Ruby Shu Costea,, 301-513-5300 x 57966

Prince George’s County Public Schools
Immersion Instructional Specialist: Carmen Henninger,, 301-808-5956.
World Languages Supervisor: Maria Flores,, 301-808-5956.