Leaders Summit

Participants at the 2012 Leaders Institute (Asia Society)

To ensure the quality and sustainability of Chinese language programs in a school or district, it is crucial to have the support and understanding of the school's leadership. Asia Society designed the Leaders Summit to enable school leaders to build more meaningful programs and sustainable connections with partner schools in China.

Our Leaders Summit, held biennially in China, includes visits to schools and other educational institutions and dialogues with education leaders, including principals, teachers, students and government officials. In addition, school leaders also get an introduction China's vibrant and dynamic social and cultural life.

Past Leaders Summits

2015 Leaders Summit

May 10–16, 2015 | Shanghai

The 2015 Leaders Summit summit welcomed Asia Society Confucius Classrooms Network school principals, world language supervisors, and teachers from 17 schools and districts from 14 US states, as well as counterparts from their sister Chinese partnership schools from 12 Chinese provinces and municipalities.

The goal of this Leaders Summit was to offer knowledge and support to educators who aim to implement innovative exchange projects for their students and to build a more meaningful and in-depth school-to-school partnership. The program consisted of talks from experts, visits to exemplary programs in Shanghai, a forum to discuss common challenges, and concluded with a visit to their respective Chinese partner school. This summit was organized in conjunction with East China Normal University. Participants also shared valuable lessons from this program and their plans on how to integrate that into their school.

2012 Leaders Summit

November 3–10, 2012 | Shanghai

The 2012 Leaders Summit Summit was designed for a select group of administrators who had previously visited China or had extensive responsibility and experience working with counterparts at their partner schools in China. The focus was on a comprehensive introduction to the Chinese education system and current reforms, and Chinese society at large, with the goal of a deepening participants' understanding of those areas in order to enable school leaders to build more meaningful and sustainable connections with a partner school in China. The program included visits to schools and other educational institutions; dialogues with education leaders, including principals, teachers, students, and government officials; and an introduction to the vibrant and dynamic social and cultural life of contemporary Shanghai.

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2010 Leaders and Teachers Summit

November 1–6, 2010 | Shanghai

During the 2010 Leaders and Teachers Summit, teachers and administrators participated in an in-depth series of workshops and meetings in China that culminated in visits to Chinese partner schools. The goal of this summit was to teach participants how to effectively use exchanges to deepen school partnerships. The focus of the program was twofold. The program for leaders focused on education reform in China and the US, and the program for teachers emphasized best practices in Chinese language instruction and program design. Participants reported back with valuable, productive observations and results.

View photos from the 2010 Leaders and Teachers Summit.