Chinese Teacher Leadership Program

The Asia Society Chinese Teacher Leadership Program is an online, part-time certificate program.

Drawing from research and theory, ACTFL Standards, and best practices, the two-year program prepares teachers for education leadership roles in Chinese pedagogy and within academic institutions.  Guided by the program instructor, the participants build concepts and deepen their skills in instruction and assessment. Further, they learn how to coach fellow teachers to develop more effective teaching and improve student learning.

This program will help its participants make a positive impact in their classrooms, academic institution, the greater community, and the Chinese pedagogy field.

Program Terms

The Asia Society Chinese Teacher Leadership Program consists of two terms (each term is one year in duration). The focus of the terms is as follows:

Term 1:  Concept Building and Best Practices

Guided by the program instructor, participants will learn to analyze and interpret concepts, and build a theoretical knowledge base of current approaches in language instruction. They will also implement best practices into their own classrooms. Learning results will be evidenced in their TEQ video lessons.

Term 2: Leadership and Coaching Apprenticeship

The participants will continue concept learning and practice improvement.  Coached by the program instructor, they will deliver presentations at conferences and workshops organized by the Asia Society and other organizations. The participants will also work collaboratively with fellow teachers through peer coaching to improve the teaching quality within their academic institutions.

During the program, the Participants…

  • Use practice-base research to improve instruction and student learning
  • Explore new ideas and teaching models
  • Learn and analyze current best practices
  • Implement best practices into his/her classroom
  • Discover new teaching strategies
  • Collaborate with fellow teachers to improve the teaching quality within his/her academic institution

Graduation:  Each participant who has successfully completed the program will receive an Asia Society Teacher Fellow Certificate and be recognized as an Asia Society Teacher Fellow on our website.

Each participant is required to complete the following activities in order to graduate:

  • Reflective journal
  • 2 TEQ Videos
  • Presentation at the Asia Society Teachers Institute

Who Can Apply?

Applicants must:

  • Have at least three years of teaching experience in a formal U.S. K-12 educational setting
  • Have a strong desire to make positive changes in the classroom
  • Motivated to lead in within his/her academic institution
  • Dedicated to participate in the leadership program activities and complete its requirements

If you are interested in the Asia Society Chinese Teacher Leadership Program, please email Yiwei Zhu at