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We live in an incredibly exciting age, a transformative age. Americans will increasingly need to understand the world, be able to communicate with the world, and lead effectively as a global citizen. One of the important ways to introduce the world, including its languages and cultures to students, is to make sure the programs and curricula are of high quality. Therefore, Asia Society China Learning Initiatives provide professional development opportunities to Chinese language teachers and school leaders across the country.

The annual Asia Society Chinese Language Teachers Institute (the Institute) is a star event of our professional development series, which provides targeted and systematic training in methodologies to Chinese language teachers. By organizing workshops lead by master teachers, visits to model programs, as well as opportunities for best practice sharing and networking, the Institute helps teachers to improve their effectiveness of Chinese language teaching and enhances their capacities to engage with both their schools and student communities successfully.

Over the years, the institute has evolved by itself. From basic skills of designing a lesson plan and reviewing students’ work to understanding general teaching principals and then to implementing teaching steps productively, the topics of the Institute reflect how we are determined to meet the needs of Chinese language teachers. We look forward to seeing you join us.

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Previous Teachers Institutes

2019 Teachers Institute

February 28 – March 2, 2019 | New York City, New York

Asia Society’s China Learning Initiatives held the 9th Annual Chinese Language Teachers Institute in New York City, themed “Go Real: Scaffolding Communicative Skills." 60 Chinese language teachersfrom 20 states were selected from 108 applicants to attend this conference. Master teacher trainer, Dr. Wei-ling Wu, led lectures on communicative tasks and scaffolding. Four Asia Society Chinese Language Teaching Fellows, Shwu-fen Lin (Princeton High School, New Jersey), Yan Wang (Dixie Magnet Elementary School, Kentucky), Catherine Zhong ( Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School, New York), and Fangzhou Zhang ( Montclair Kimberley Academy, New Jersey) were invited to share their best practices in scaffolding communicative strategies for K -12 Chinese language students. Participants also visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art to explore the Asian collection, and had group discussions and presentations to design scaffolding activities.

Read more about the 2019 Teachers Institute and view photos.

2018 Teachers Institute

March 1–3, 2018 | New York City, New York

The Center for Global Education's China Learning Initiatives team hosted 60 K–12 teachers at the eighth annual Asia Society Chinese Language Teachers Institute on March 1-3, 2018, at Asia Society’s New York headquarters. The teachers heralded from 41 schools and districts across 21 states and the District of Columbia. The Teachers Institute is an annual professional development series that provides targeted and systematic training in methodologies to Chinese language teachers. By organizing workshops led by master teachers, visits to model programs, as well as providing opportunities for best practice sharing and networking, the Institute helps attendees improve their Chinese language teaching effectiveness. This year's theme was "Go Real: Creating Authentic Learning Experiences for K-12 Chinese Language Learners." This Institute started with an opening dinner on Thursday, March 1, at Asia Society, followed by a full day of lectures, presentations, and site visits, and it concluded on Saturday, March 3. This year’s Teachers Institute brought 9 presenters from 5 states, whose teaching grades range from primary schools to higher education.

Read more about the 2018 Teachers Institute and view photos.

Read reflections from attendees at the 2018 Teachers Institute.

2016 Teachers Institute

January 28–30, 2016 | Charlotte, North Carolina

Asia Society’s China Learning Initiatives held the 6th Annual Chinese Language Teachers Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina, themed “From Learning Objectives to Learning Outcomes: Chinese language assessment and its Implementation in Classroom." More than 70 Chinese language teachers from 20 states were selected to attend this event. Master teacher Dr. Wei-ling Wu led lectures and workshops. Four Asia Society Chinese Language Teaching Fellows, Shwu-fen Lin (Princeton High School, New Jersey), Xi Sun (Jing Mei Elementary School, Washington), Shiffon Theodorou (Simsbury High School, Connecticut), and Yan Wang (Dixie Magnet Elementary School, Kentucky) were invited to share their best practices in language assessment. Participants also visited K–12 Chinese language programs at Kensington Elementary School, Cuthbertson Middle School, and Marvin Ridge High School in Union County Public Schools.

View photos from the 2016 Teachers Institute.

2015 Teachers Institute

January 15–17, 2015 | Houston, Texas

As demand for Chinese language programs skyrockets in the U.S. schools, Asia Society continues to play a leading role in training and developing Chinese language teachers. On January 15-17, the Asia Society's Chinese Learning Initiatives held the 5th Annual Teachers Institute in Houston in collaboration with Asia Society Texas Center.

More than 100 participants from 21 states were selected to attend the conference, which was themed "Effective Chinese Language Instruction: Step by Step." Participants visited K-12 Chinese language programs in Houston and attended lectures and workshops.

View photos from the 2015 Teachers Institute.

2014 Teachers Institute

January 30–February 1, 2014 | Seattle, Washington

Asia Society’s China Learning Initiatives held the 4th Annual Teachers Institute in Seattle, Washington. In the prior Teachers Institute in 2013, a cohort of teachers were selected as “Asia Society Chinese Language Teaching Fellows” to hone their lesson planning, instructional methodologies, and classroom management strategies with Dr. Wei-ling Wu one-on-one. These teachers were invited to attend the 2014 Teachers Institute to share their experiences improving their instruction. Participants also visited Beacon Hill International School, Tyee Middle School, and Gig Harbor High School.

View photos from the 2014 Teachers Institute.

2013 Teachers Institute

January 31–February 2, 2013 | Los Angeles, California

The 2013 Teachers Institute convened a group of outstanding teachers from across the Asia Society Confucius Classrooms Network, led by master teacher Dr. Wei-ling Wu, who taught Chinese for 25 years to students in the West Windsor-Plainsboro School District in New Jersey. Dr. Wu holds a PhD in Language in Education with a specialization in foreign language teaching from the University of Pennsylvania, is the author of several textbooks, and is a true pioneer in the field of Chinese language teaching and learning.

During the institute, teachers participated in hands-on workshops and intensive group work, discussed the development and articulation of key teaching principles and strategies, and refined and further enhanced their own teaching skills. Participants defined the criteria for effective and innovative Chinese language teaching and identified these elements in lessons they created. They then designed a series of individual lessons that exemplify the criteria for excellent teaching.

In addition, among this group of participants, a smaller group of particularly outstanding teachers were selected to work with Dr. Wu individually over the course of the spring semester to create and film exemplary lessons that we will use to create a video bank and teaching resource for the Asia Society website.

View photos from the 2013 Teachers Institute.

2012 Teachers Institute

February 23–25, 2012 | Tampa, Florida

The 2012 Teachers Institute was organized in collaboration with the University of South Florida, featuring two master teachers, Dr. Wei-ling Wu and Chiachyi Chiu, as well as speakers from the University of South Florida, Eric Shepherd, Xichen Qin, and Dr. Meng Yeh. The theme of the institute was on Chinese Language Teaching and Program Development Across Grade Levels: Best Practices from Elementary, Secondary, and Higher Education. In addiiton to attending seminars, participating teachers worked together to create the Confucius Classrooms Chinese Teacher Profile, which lists the qualities and characteristics a Confucius Classroom teacher should have.

View photos from the 2012 Teachers Institute.

2011 Teachers Institute

March 4–5, 2011 | Newark, New Jersey

This inaugural Teachers Institute brought together teachers from the first cohort of 20 Confucius Classrooms in our network. Participants shared curricula and other resources and materials. They also worked in small groups and used the Student Work Protocol as a guideline to discuss student work that has been generated in the classroom.

View photos from the 2011 Teachers Institute.

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