What Were the Five Most-Watched Asia Society Videos in 2013?

With the year coming to an end, we looked at all our 2013 videos in order to find out what our viewers watched the most over the past 12 months on YouTube. Judging from the number of views, the five most-watched Asia Society videos in 2013 covered music, politics, and film. Talk of a cooperative U.S.-China relationship was a top theme for the year, and the power of music to bridge cultural gaps was a powerful draw too. Our top videos from 2013 boast some big names and some beautiful music, so take a look:

Henry Kissinger: China, the US, and a Common Challenge
On May 21, Asia Society New York welcomed former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to a discussion on the collaborative potential of a U.S.-China relationship.

In Conversation With Movie Legend Jackie Chan
In one of our most popular events this year, actor, director, and producer Jackie Chan joined Asia Society Film Curator La Frances Hui and a sold-out audience for a dynamic Q&A session on June 11. In a lively and informal conversation, Chan touched on a variety of topics such as doing his own stunts and a behind-the-scenes look at what it was like filming his 1994 classic Drunken Master II.

Jackie Chan: 'I Do the Real Thing'
In this highlight from his June 11 appearance, Chan shares some of the lessons he's learned as an actor, director, and producer, as well as the possibilities of a cinematic U.S.-Chinese relationship.

Mohsen Namjoo in Concert
To help kick off Asia Society Museum's fall Iran Modern exhibition, Mohsen Namjoo gave a sold-out concert on September 7 that combined traditional Persian folk with elements of Western blues and rock.

Cambodian Blues Legend in Concert at Asia Society in New York
In another sold-out concert on April 20, Cambodian bluesman Kong Nay demonstrated the power of the arts to span generations and cultures. After opening with a solo set, he performed alongside American jazz musicians Ben Allison, Marc Ribot, and Rudy Royston in what the New York Times called "a neat cross-cultural fit."

What video from the Asia Society did you enjoy the most in 2013, and what kind of video content would you most like to see from us in the future? Tell us below.

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