Video: Violinist Jason Yang Uses Talent to Build Hype for 'Game of Thrones'


Remember Jason Yang, the violinist who performed with street dancer Lil Buck on The Colbert Report last week? It turns out he had a pretty busy week, since two days earlier, he teamed up with HBO for a Game of Thrones promotional event in New York City in which he performed his rendition of the popular show's theme song. Yang captured HBO's attention when a YouTube video of him covering the song went viral, receiving over 4.4 million views. Yang performed at the DVD release party for the show's second season, entertaining avid fans eagerly awaiting their copy. He must be a pretty big fan of the show himself, but there's no word yet as to whether or not he'll be rooting for House Lannister, Baratheon, or Targaryen during the upcoming season.

Yang is a Taiwanese-American electric violinist who, after winning the 2010 Verizon Audience Choice Award at Kollaboration, the world’s biggest Asian-American talent competition, went on to appear on Glee and tour with Madonna. The video of last week's performance is embedded above, and his original cover is below: 

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