Video: Three Challenges to Doing Business in Myanmar

During his recent visit to Asia Society Studios in New York, Dane Chamorro, Southeast Asia managing director for global risk consultancy Control Risks, talked about some of the key challenges foreign companies face when doing business in Myanmar. In the video above, Chamorro mentions Myanmar's "personalistic" reform process, its sectarian conflicts and its lack of infrastructure and limited talent pool as issues investors should monitor closely.

"We shouldn't lose sight of the magnitude of what a country with fairly limited trained human resources is trying to attempt," Chamorro said. "They are attempting systematic political and economic reform simultaneously. Because it's been cut off for so long, because its education system has been restricted for so long, it does not have a huge pool of human talent with which to execute or implement this change. It is a very, very challenging country, and it is a very, very challenging task that they have undertaken to do both of these things simultaneously."

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