Video: Revisiting South Korean Thoughts on the Death of Kim Jong Il


A few days after North Korean leader Kim Jong Il died on December 17, Asia Society South Korea Center reached out to a few South Koreans to ask what they thought about the news, which left behind a new era of Korean peninsula uncertainty. The reactions ranged from skepticism and indifference to hopes of a peaceful future for the Korean peninsula. Watch the video above.

To dig deeper into the political changes in North Korea, Asia Society New York will host Ambassador Stephen W. Bosworth, formerly the United States’ Special Representative for North Korea Policy, and Charles K. Armstrong, Asia Society Associate Fellow and Professor of Korean Studies at Columbia University, in an HBO Hotspots Series event on January 23, 2012. The panelists will discuss the impact of North Korea's political transformation on engagement with the United States and the threat posed by the country's nuclear program. 

The event is sold out, but anyone can tune into at 6:30 pm ET on the day of the event for a free live video webcast. Also, please send questions for the panelists to

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