Video: Peter Bergen Argues Pakistan Too Big to Fail

In New York on May 5, 2011, Peter Bergen reflects on his meeting with Osama bin Laden and discusses the future of al Qaeda with Joe Klein. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images))

Peter Bergen, one of the few Western journalists to have interviewed Osama bin Laden in person, asked an audience at Asia Society New York on Thursday, May 5, "If Osama bin Laden's death isn't the end of the 'War on Terror,' then what is?"

In conversation with TIME columnist Joe Klein, Bergen reflected on his meeting with bin Laden, Al Qaeda's irrelevance to the recent Middle East protests, Pakistan's role in bin Laden's death and the future of Afghanistan.

Bergen's experience as CNN's National Security analyst, director of the National Security Studies program at the New America Foundation, and author of three books about terrorism landed him a book deal on the hunt for bin Laden.   

Watch below for the highlights and click here for the complete video. Check out our post-Osama bin Laden coverage.

Bin Laden,  the "low-key" "news junkie," was more concerned with America's foreign policy than morality. 

Bergen on  Al Qaeda's lacklustre No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Pakistan did not know bin Laden's whereabouts but "Pakistan's military runs Pakistan's foreign policy."

Bergen on why 70 percent of Afghans think country is going in the right direction and Joe Klein's revelation that many current Afghan experts went to Afghanistan in the 70s to do drugs. 

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