Video: Lil Buck Dances From Memphis to China to Stephen Colbert

Perhaps you caught Charles "Lil Buck" Riley on The Colbert Report last night? (If not, stop reading now, and press play on the videos above. Trust me, they're worth it.) During the interview that preceded Lil Buck's beautiful performance with violinist Jason Yang, host Stephen Colbert mentioned that he learned of the Memphis jooker via the film "Lil Buck Goes to China," which we introduced you to earlier this month and have embedded once again below.

Lil Buck's 2011 trip to China, the subject of the documentary short by New York-based filmmaker Ole Schell, was associated with the inaugural U.S.-China Forum on the Arts and Culture in Beijing, an event organized by Asia Society's Center on U.S.-China Relations, which is headed by Schell's father Orville Schell. Lil Buck was part of an impressive collection of American artists — including Meryl Streep and Yo-Yo Ma — who participated in a cultural exchange with Chinese counterparts. (Colbert also referenced Lil Buck's Beijing performance with Yo-Yo Ma, and you can find that embedded below, as well.)

If it's as cold outside where you are as it is here in New York City, sounds like a perfect excuse to stay in and stay warm with some videos of Lil Buck. Enjoy!

Lil Buck Goes to China

An Interview With Ole Schell

"The Swan," Performed by Lil Buck and Yo-Yo Ma in Beijing

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