Video: Election Ushers in 'New Model' of Democracy for Pakistan

Nawaz Sharif is set to become Prime Minister of Pakistan for the third time after elections this weekend despite claims of vote rigging by former cricket star and opponent Imran Khan. Asia Society Senior Advisor Hassan Abbas told CNN that though Sharif comes from Pakistan's political elite and has support from feudal elements in rural areas, the creation of a strong opposition, the civilian transfer of government, and a receding role of military in politics may usher in a stronger democratic system this time around. He gave credit to the previous government also for this transition. 

“The real change has come with Imran Khan,” Abbas told CNN’s Jonathan Mann. “He will sit in opposition with a better critique and constructive criticism in the center, and with better governance in the northwest where Imran will lead. I think that will create a new model.”

Abbas added that Sharif now has another chance to prove he can deliver better government through democracy, instead of the military rule that has taken over in the past. “The ball is now in the court of politicians to prove that democracy really is a better system of government," he said.