Video: Don't Overstate the Meaning of Obama-Xi Summit, Says Ouyang Bin

Even though this may be Xi Jinping's first visit to the United States since assuming the Chinese presidency less than three months ago, Center on U.S.-China Relations fellow and ChinaFile Associate Editor Ouyang Bin doesn't "think we should overstate the meaning of the summit at Sunnylands."

First, he says, this will not be Barack Obama and Xi's first time meeting. Ouyang notes that the two first met at the White House last February when Xi was vice-president of China.

Second, Ouyang thinks that U.S.-China relations are already quite "mature." Don't expect abrupt changes in bilateral strategies or policies after this meeting, he says. Ouyang adds that cyberattacks will be a new talking point this time around.

"We don't know what the details will be, but I think this is a new challenge between the two countries," he said.

Watch Ouyang's complete interview in the embedded video above.

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