Video: DJ Spooky Engages with Nam June Paik's Legacy in 'Paik Variations I-III'

Asia Society's latest performance video captures highlights from Paik Variations I-III, a collaboration between composer Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky and choreographer/dancer Jonah Bokaer that Asia Society commissioned for the gala opening of its exhibition Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot on September 8. In the above video, the co-creators are joined by Rami Seo on kayagŭm and dancer Eunbin Lim, with live projections by CultureHub. Michael McAteer directed and edited the video.

Miller extends and deepens his engagement with Nam June Paik's legacy in a special two-part program at Asia Society New York this Saturday, October 25. Electric Imaginary will include live and pre-recorded video footage as part of a "virtual cello quartet/installation" based on Paik's collaborations with cellist Charlotte Moorman in his early multimedia experiments. The evening will also include selections from Miller's composition Seoul Counterpoint, a 2014 commission by the Seoul Institute of the Arts that explores the resonance of the new urban landscape of Seoul in juxtaposition with New York City. Equally inspired by Paik in this work, Miller again enlists the services of New York-based technology and art collective CultureHub to fashion a new urban landscape in sound and image.