Photos: What's Your Favorite Asian Street Food?

Food is a topic of constant discussion among the Asia Society Online team. During one such conversation this summer about an Asian street food truck in New York, we had an "aha" moment and thought, why not ask our readers — what's your favorite Asian street food?

Photo submissions poured in from around Asia, and you can see the results in the gallery above. We tried to capture a range of diverse foods and drinks, but the entries don't have to end here. Please continue sending us photos of your favorite Asian street food — along with the name, origin and description — through email, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. We'd love to know what gets your taste buds dancing!

In the meanwhile, watch the video below, shot by Jeff Wang, Associate Director for Education and Chinese Language Initiatives at Asia Society, on a recent trip to Beijing. It shows a street vendor making jianbing, a crepe-like egg pancake with various filling ingredients, commonly found in Beijing and Shanghai. If you have similar street food videos from Asia, send those in too!

With reporting assistance from Boruo Chen, Saira Siddiqi and Anne Zhou.

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