Photos: Scenes from New York's Chinatown by Andrew Burton

Freelance photojournalist Andrew Burton has covered a wide range of news events, from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan to the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City. But in the winter of 2011, he took on a more personal assignment — getting to know his new home of New York through street photography, a genre he was experimenting with for the first time. 

Burton was drawn to Chinatown, he said, because "It's an authentic neighborhood which still holds onto its heritage." So over the next three months, he captured daily life in Chinatown from the perspective of both the younger and older generation. When asked what was most challenging about his experience, Burton said, "I wasn't prepared for people being so private." 

In the gallery above, you'll see photos of elementary school children playing video games, high-schoolers playing basketball, elderly folks dancing and playing music in Columbus Park, and families shopping for groceries. Burton said that he hopes his work will show "the changing landscape of Chinatown through a multi-generational snapshot of the community." 

All photos: Andrew Burton

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