Photos: 'Pokémon Go' Craze Continues During Japan's 'Pikachu Outbreak Festival'

While millions of Pokémon Go users around the world are busy trying to catch the little creatures on their phones, residents and tourists in Japan can catch a glimpse of the real thing — sort of. On Sunday, swarms of people dressed as the rodent-like character Pikachu descended on the port city of Yokohama to kick off the week-long Pikachu Outbreak Festival.

The festival, which is hosted by The Pokémon Company, was established in 2014 to launch a new Pokémon movie and has since expanded to include parades, performances, rides, and other entertainment for fans of all ages. And despite its focus on just one of Pokemon's characters, it is still expected to attract thousands of people — many no doubt inspired by the sensational popularity of Nintendo's new smartphone game Pokémon Go.

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