Japan Battered by Devastating Earthquake and Tsunami

Fire and water engulf homes after an 8.9-magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami at Natori city in Miyagi prefecture, northern Japan on March 11, 2011. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

A massive earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale struck off the coast of Japan on Friday, March 11. The quake created a tsunami that swept across northeastern Japan, leaving in its wake both widespread destruction and a staggering loss of lives.

In response to the news of the disaster, Asia Society President Vishakha N. Desai issued the following statement:

"The scale and power of this earthquake and tsunami disaster are truly horrific, and the news coming out of Japan is heart-breaking.

"As we watch developments unfold in Japan, our thoughts and prayers are with our friends there and all the peoples of Japan as they grapple with the enormity of this catastrophe.

"Asia Society extends our deepest sympathy and concern for the devastation caused by the earthquake and ongoing traumas.

"Since our founding more than 50 years ago, Asia Society has worked with many individuals and institutions in Japan as part of our central mission to broaden understanding and build relationships across the Asia Pacific region.

"To support the people of Japan in this tremendous hour of need, we encourage all of you to consider providing financial support for ongoing disaster relief.

"Our sister organization, the Japan Society, is playing a leading role in coordinating assistance and will make sure that one hundred percent of contributions reach local Japanese organizations specializing in the relief efforts and humanitarian needs and working on the ground in the affected areas.

"If you choose to do so, please make your contribution to the Japan Society at their web site. Please also send them an accompanying e-mail at japanrelief@japansociety.org indicating that you are providing support as part of the Asia Society family."

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